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Lift testing screens potential candidates for employment pre-existing injuries or limitations that many affect their ability to perform essential job duties. Lift tests focuses on the actual physical demands of the job.

The lift testing we perform is based on OSHA guidelines, and it’s generally suggested that an employee show a minimum of 50 lbs can be safely lifted. Our office set up allows us to accommodate many different types of workplace scenarios. As the employer, if you would like a specific functional test done please call and let us know as we can customize our templates to match different job descriptions.

Lift Test for pre-work exam

Lift Testing FAQs

Let us answer your frequently asked questions!

A lift test, also known as a functional capacity evaluation, is an assessment that measures an individual’s ability to safely lift and carry loads in a work setting. It is often used to determine if a person is physically capable of performing the lifting tasks required for a particular job.¬†

During a lift test, you are typically asked to lift and carry weights of varying loads and perform specific lifting movements. The test measures factors such as strength, endurance, flexibility, and proper lifting techniques. It can also assess your ability to perform repetitive lifting tasks over a specified period.

A lift test is necessary to ensure that the subject can safely perform the physical demands of a job that involves lifting and carrying heavy objects. It helps identify any limitations or physical restrictions that may prevent someone from safely executing their duties, reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

Jobs that involve frequent or heavy lifting, such as warehouse workers, construction workers, and healthcare professionals involved in patient handling, may require lift tests. Employers use these tests to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, minimizing the risk of lifting-related injuries.