Let us answer your frequently asked questions!

We are located inside of Snap Fitness at:
400 NW Eastman Pkwy
Gresham, OR 97030

Located off NW Eastman Pkwy in between NE Divison St and NW 3rd St. We’re inside of Snap Fitness, next door to the PetSmart. Head inside and the front desk will tell you where to go.

Yes, we require that you set up an appointment with us so we can make sure to accommodate you. Our office does offer mobile services for some of the employers that we work with directly. Additionally, we find that working on an appointment basis minimizes your wait time to expedite your appointment.

No, we will not turn you away if it is during Spectrum’s operating hours, however staff may not be available. Individuals with appointments will be given priority, but you are welcome to wait in the lobby, or you can set up a time for later in the day or for another day.

Same-Day Appointments: 

We understand that some employers have very strict policies when it comes to testing, which in turn, can give you an extremely short notice to get your testing done. If a same day test is needed, it’s best to call or text the office to see what options are available. 

You can reach us at (360) 347-6322.

We do ask that a valid credit or debit card be provided to reserve your spot on our schedule. If you show up to your appointment at the scheduled time you will not incur any charges, unless otherwise discussed. If your employer is covering the cost of your testing (make sure you bring necessary documentation), then those services will be billed directly to them.

*Please remember to review our cancellation policy that is provided in the online booking process.*

When you show up for your appointment, there may be a slight wait. Please have a seat in the lobby and we will be with you as soon as we are available. To start the drug screening process, 

  • Please have your photo identification and employer documentation ready. If you do not have any documents provided by your employer, it is very difficult to make sure your test is processed exactly how they want it. Usually an E-Passport, Q-Passport, or a paper chain of custody form is provided to the employee. 
  • Please come ready to provide a urine sample at your appointment. It’s recommended that drug screen clients (also known as Donors) do not drink too much water as this may dilute the specimen. In some cases, a dilute specimen won’t be accepted by the lab and will require you to come in for another test.
  • It’s recommended to sip on water before your appointment to help promote the need to urinate.

Be prepared to provide a full and complete health history. Usually this can be filled out ahead of time which saves us time in the office. If you are taking any medication this is where we will document the name of the prescription, the dosage amount, how long you have been taking that prescription at the
current dosage and the intended purpose of the medication. 

  • Expect to provide any documentation for any on-going/chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, etc. 
  • Medical releases for any injuries, surgeries, etc. may be requested. 
  • You will need to provide a urine sample that will be tested for Blood, Glucose, Protein and Specific Gravity. This is not a drug test. 
  • Basic vital readings such as height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure will be checked during your physical. This exam will cover many different body systems that the Department of Transportation requires medical examiners to check.

Wear comfortable clothing & bring all applicable documentation which includes: 

  • photo identification
  • medical clearances letters and recent testing documents (such as stress tests results, sleep test results, CPAP compliance, HbA1C readings etc.) 
  • A list of medications, corrective lenses, & hearing aids, etc.
  • Get adequate restful sleep
  • Make sure you are hydrated starting the day before your appointment
  • Avoid caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and salt consumption the day of your appointment
  • Take your medication as directed by your prescribing physician.
  • Make sure you double check your appointment time.
  • Reach out to the office if you have any questions.