Consortium Services

DOT Consortium

$100 Annual Fee; Discounts for In-House Services

Our pricing details are as follows:

  • $100 annual fee
  • $50 per drug test (in house) or $65 per drug test (done at a different location)
  • $25 per alcohol screen (in house) or $40 per alcohol screen (done at a different location)
DOT consortium services

DOT Consortium Services in Gresham, OR

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What is a DOT Consortium?

DOT consortiums are an effective and cost-efficient way for employers to comply with DOT regulations surrounding drug and alcohol testing. A consortium is essentially a group of employers who share the responsibility and costs of implementing testing procedures. This is beneficial to smaller companies who don’t have to invest in their own program. Companies in a DOT consortium also appoint a third-party administrator to oversee the program, ensuring it meets DOT regulations. This process relieves the stress of implementing a regulatory-compliant program and enforces proper testing of safety-sensitive employees.

Join our DOT Consortium

  • Provide drug and alcohol¬†testing requirements as laid out by the Department of Transportation
  • Help with consortium regulations and education
  • Manage and maintain all required testing records
  • Assistance with substance abuse prevention
  • Referrals to substance abuse providers (SAPs) in the event one is needed
  • See all FMCSA info¬†here